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Welome to the Alysian Alliance webpage. Feel free to look around.

About Us
The Alysian Alliance is a "Good Aligned" guild, stationed in South Qeynos. We are family friendly and casual. We play the game for fun, and we enjoy helping people to enjoy the game as well.

Our Rules
What it Means to Wear the White Sun.

  • Any and all members must be courteous and respectful towards the guild leader, other members, and the public.
  • All members should be patient with new members and should assist them to the best of their abilities and skills.
  • Members should be willing to aid the group or raid if they have the time and class required.
  • Members should watch their language, we have younger players in our family.



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Alysian Weekly 129

QeynosWarrior, Jun 5, 12 1:00 AM.

  Guild Update 129   5-28--6-4--2012

~Informal Intro
Hi all, welcome back. I may not be able to post for the next few weeks as I 
will be traveling, but we'll see.

~Recent News
This week went fairly normally except for the levels section. Not only are there
several carpenters and provisioners making progress in their careers, but also 
there is at least one of every major milestone in the level spectrum. What are the
odds? Also, a few new raid mobs have fallen to our guild members, and some new achievements
have been accquired.

10th Level Scholar --Arill
20th Level Conjuror --Charivona
20th Level Sage --Arill
30th Level Fury --Zarianah
40th Level Guardian --Kamabi
40th Level Fury --Zarianah
40th Level Beastlord --Jakeryder
50th Level Alchemist --Dendrobates
60th Level Wizard --Ihopp
70th Level Sage --Ihopp
70th Level Carpenter --Sirensong
80th Level Warden --Bonepile
80th Level Provisioner --Dobhran
85th Level Provisioner --Dobhran
85th Level Warlock --Uhopp
90th Level Ranger --Minyonreed
90th Level Provisioner --Dobhran
91st Level Carpenter --Norakye
91st Level Templar --Innuendho
91st Level Carpenter --Ashakiran
92nd Level Carpenter --Ashakiran

Master Orc Slayer --Gocee
Over Achiever --Bonepile, Minyonreed
Bonegrinder Butcher --Bonepile
SoU CoA --Bonepile
Eidolon Expurgator --Bonepile
SoU HoF --Bonepile
EL Excursionist --Kamabi, Zarianah, Ihopp
Traverse the Wastes --Norakye, Denrobates
Eastern Wastes Quester --Norakye, Dendrobates
Explainer --Zarianah, Kamabi, Drangea, Dobhran
Iron Shatterer --Zarianah, Kamabi
Master Goblin Hunter --Kamabi, Zarianah
Master Droag Hunter --Ihopp
Lord of the Dice --Uhopp
DDR Shattered Lands --Liadara
Ally of Ry'Gorr --Norakye
Researching 10 Recipes --Norakye, Jabka
NOW who's the Dummy? --Bonepile
Shin Swashbuckler --Arill, Osheanah, Charivona
Quester --Arill
Commander Mirrakar (SoU) --Pebosi, Gaialee, Tamathea, Levant, Dendrobates
Blackburrow Champion --Drangea
Mercenary Mouth to Mouth --Montag, Kamabi
Tigloth the Conqueror (solo),
Tigloth the Conqueror (SoU) --Montag, Thayne
Master Droag --Thayne
Grolla Skullwielder --Levant, Sirensong, Gaialee, Riverbear, Pebosi, Ozmondi
Quest-a-holic --Osheanah
Steamfont Secret Service --Jakeryder
Master of Mara --Osheanah
DDR Kunark --Enaka
Norrathian Air --Minyonreed
Traverse the Divide --Minyonreed
Researching Coach X --Zarianah, Drangea
Researching 5 Recipes --Drangea
FV Iztapa, FV Wymbulu, SHFV Zykluk, SHFV Adkar,
SHFV Doomcoil, SHFV Ludmilla, SHFV PR, SHFV Imzok's Revenge,
SoU PR, Imzok Immolator --Liadara
FV Imperator Kolskeggr --Levant
Quartermaster Quarterer --Minyonreed
FV Legatus Prime Millkill --Levant, Jabka
Millkill --Levant
Basic Understanding --Jakeryder, Zarianah, Dobhran
King Tormax,
SoU Tormax --Jabka, Levant
Commander Mirrakar --Asok, Tamathea
Arch Necranaut Yolth (solo) --Ayodi, Gaialee
Researching Coach L --Osheanah
Master Aviak Hunter --Ihopp, Uhopp
Ruglax Rusher --Kamabi, Zarianah
Hooluk Nest Hero --Ihopp
Palace Dragon Polisher --Ihopp, Uhopp
Linguist, Translator --Zarianah, Dobhran
Interpreter --Zarianah
You can learn how to take them down --Ihopp
Sign on the Dotted Line --Ihopp, Liadara
Arch Necranaut Yolth --Levant, Gaialee
Sinking Sands Scrutinizer --Jakeryder
Master Undead Hunter --Jakeryder
Story Time with Tserrina --Norakye
FV THe Butler Did It --Marekreed, Norakye
Skyshrine: City of Dracur --Pebosi
LP Pilgrim --Osheanah
Beginner COllector --Isyllt
Master Froglok Hunter --Enaka
Butcherblock Bloodhound --Aseni
Stable Hand --Bonepile
Equestrian --Liadara

~The 'HQ' HQ
Foomby's Stolen Goods --Zarianah, Kamabi, Jakeryder
Copper Coldain Ring --Norakye
The Staff of the Observers --Osheanah
The Reaching Blade of Assassin --Jakeryder
The Legend of Froststone --Gaialee

Alysian Weekly 128

QeynosWarrior, May 30, 12 12:13 AM.

  Guild Update 128   5-21--5-27--2012

~Informal Intro
Double xp weekend in celebration of Memorial Day weekend.
God bless our troops. The guild has been crazy busy with the double xp,
as expected, so there is lots of stuff to report.

~Recent News
I know the post is a day late, but now I can post some of today's (5-29) events, namely five promotions.
Sirensong, Ihopp, Marekreed, Pebosi and Liadara have moved from Hastati to Legionaires today, along with
Arigon and Zarianah moving from Velites to Hastati. Congratulations to all!

30th Level Tailor --Puhabo
50th Level Provisioner --Annii
60th Level Sage --Ihopp
70th Level Wizard --Osheanah
70th Level Provisioner --Dobhran
70th Level Bruiser --Enaka
80th Level Warden --Liadara
85th Level Ranger --Minyonreed
85th Level Provisioner --Ravenna
90th Level Carpenter --Ashakiran
92nd Level Jeweler --Amojii
92nd Level Warlock --Montag
92nd Level Berserker --Thayne

Quel'Ule Quester --Ravenna
Equestrian --Ravenna
Arch Necranaut Yolth (solo) (SoU) --Sirensong
Researching Coach XXV --Ihopp, Norakye
Researching Coach X --Liadara
Master Ravasect Hunter --Gaialee
Hive Hater --Enaka
Quester --Puhabo
Lord of the Dice --Ihopp
Ally of Thurgadin Crafters --Amojii
The Crocodile Hunter--Gocee
Mullok Masher--Innuendho, Gocee, Osheanah
Shiny Hunter --Gocee
Researching 10 Recipes --Osheanah
Klak'Anon King Killer --Gocee
SoU Crucible --Gaialee, Levant
Codexicon Crusher --Levant
Linguist --Osheanah
Master Gnoll Hunter,
Butcherblock Beachcomber --Osheanah
Master Clockwork Hunter --Gocee, Osheanah
Sign on the Dotted Line --Ravenna
Researching 5 Recipes --Loriah
Frontier Fortune Hunter --Minyonreed 
Love's Avenger --Sirensong
Beginner Collector --Enaka
Loping Plains Persuer --Osheanah
Scornfeather Scorner --Gocee, Bamboote
Palace Dragon Polisher --Liadara, Blubba
Star Destroyer --Blubba, Innuendho, Thayne
Trapper of Twilight --Ihopp, Uhopp
Tenebrous Tangle Trailblazer --Uhopp, Ihopp
Lesser Faydark Falconer --Osheanah
Master Harpy Hunter --Innuendho, Spicetrader
Over Achiever --Norakye, Gocee, Osheanah
Majora's Misery --Blubba, Liadara, Norakye, Aalnyar
Time Liquidator --Tamathea, Ihopp
Crypt Capturer --Blubba, Liadara
SoU Crypt of Agony --Blubba, Liadara
Kunark Cavern Crawler --Blubba
SH Wymbulu, Iztapa --Liadara
Mercenary Mouth to Mouth --Liadara, Starlaa
Master Orc Slayer --Tamathea, Spicetrader, Osheanah
Custodian Culler --Gocee, Osheanah
Master Werewolf Hunter --Thayne
Master Orc Hunter --Bamboote
Rujark Ransacker --Bamboote
Advancing Steadily --Bamboote
Traverse the Wastes --Tamathea
Quest a holic --Minyonreed
Ring War --Minyonreed
Up, Up and Away! --Gocee, Spicetrader
Ghost Dragon Destructor --Uhopp, Otello
Master Undead Hunter --Annii
Forsaken Forsaker --Bonepile, Osheanah
Zhvari Savage --Bonepile, Osheanah, Pebosi

Alysian Wekkly 127

QeynosWarrior, May 24, 12 1:37 AM.

  Guild Update 127   5-14--5-20--2012

~Informal Intro
Busy busy busy week, for both me and the guild. So, to save time, let's get to the report.

~Recent News
Looks like another typical week in the Alliance with plenty of raids, groups and levels to be
I'd like to welcome Jakerider to the Alysian family. May your adventures be fun and full
of craziness. :)

50th Level Sage --Osheanah
60th Level Warlock --Jakerider
60th Level Carpenter --Sirensong
60th Level Beastlord --Dumoo
70th Level Warden --Bonepile
70th Level Warden --Liadara
70th Level Carpenter --Ashakiran
80th Level Illusionist --Ravenna
80th Level Warlock --Uhopp
91st Inquisitor --Riverbear
91st Level Mystic --Kharen
92nd Level Tailor --Artasia
92nd Level Paladin --Asok

Tigloth the Conqueror (solo) --Sirensong
Arch Necranaut Yolth (solo) --Tamathea
Preceptive collector --Norakye
Mistmoore's Murderer --Gocee
SHFV Uzdrak the Invincible --Elkaboomo, Gocee
Discovering the Withered Lands --Asok
SHFV Atrebe's Statue --Blubba, Govee
Mercenary Mouth to Mouth --Blubba, Ravenna, Ihoppj
Overking Overthrower --Gocee, Blubba, Sirensong
SHFV Selrach Di'Zok --Sirensong, Blubba, Gocee
Kylong's Katana --Ravenna
Hallmark Hunter --Ravenna
Interpreter --Ravenna
Cryptographer --Ravenna
You can learn how to take them down --Ravenna
Orcish Wastes Oppurtunist --Osheanah
Advancing Steadily --Osheanah
SH Silverwing --Dendrobates, Gaialee, Gocee
FV Silverwing --Dendrobates, Gocee
SHFV Phara Dar --Dendrobates, Gaialee, Gocee
Veeshan's Peak Vindicator --Dendrobates, Gaialee, Gocee
Mythical Brandisher --Gocee
Traverse the Corrupted Forest --Asok
Craft until you drop --Ihopp
Wyrm Twynk --Dendrobates
Researching 10 Recipes --Levant, Mous
Researching Coach L --Levant
Star Destroyer --Sirensong
Beginner Collector --Osheanah
DDR Kunark --Ravenna
Master Elemental Hunter --Levant
Fyst Finisher --Morrus, Osheanah
Master Undead Slayer --Tamathea
Norrathian Air--Liadara
The Butler Did It!,
FV Butler --Gaialee
Unmasking the Truth,
FV Unmasking,
Manifestation of Tserrina's Rage --Gaialee
Orcish Wastes Spy --Osheanah
Researching Coach XXV --Osheanah
Craft until you drop --Ayodi
Hooluk Nest Hero --Enaka, Liadara, Bonepile
Wyrm Twynk,
SoU VD Conservatory --Gocee
Love's Avenger --Liadara, Enaka
Quester --Enaka
Patriae Pounder,
SoU Anathema --Gaialee
Shade Overshadower,
SoU Scion of Ice --Enaka, Uhopp, Ihopp, Liadara, Gaialee
Arch Necranaut Yolth (solo) --Dendrobates
Brawn for Hire --Asok
Crypt Capturer,
SoU Crypt of Agony --Ravenna, 
Codexicon Crusher --Gaialee, Uhopp, Ihopp, Enaka, Liadara
SoU Crucible --Uhopp, Ihopp, Enaka, Liadara
Master Froglok Killer --Levant
Vault Raider --Enaka, Liadara, Ravenna, Bonepile, Gaialee
Palace Dragon Polisher --Enaka
Master Aviak Hunter --Enaka
Master of Miragul's Phylactery --Gaialee
Master Droag Hunter --Bonepile, Liadara, Uhopp
Doom Lord Doomer --Bonepile, Liadara, Uhopp, Enaka, Gaialee
Mystery Solver --Liadara
Quest-a-holic --Dendrobates
Up, Up, and Away --Dendrobates
Master Di'Zok Hunter --Dendrobates
Chardok Prison Poisoner,
SoU Court of Korucust --Ravenna
Phylactery Praetor's Plague,
SoU VoES --Ravenna
Drusella's Downfall,
SoU MC --Ravenna
Queen Quieter --Blubba, Ravenna, Dendrobates
Trifecta Trampler --Blubba, Dendrobates
Commander Mirrakar (solo) --Blubba
Antonican Adventurer --Osheanah
Sign on the Dotted Line --Uhopp
If you know what makes them tick --Dumoo
Tigloth the Conqueror (solo) --Jabka
Marcus Masher --Gaialee
Arch Necranaut Yolth --Dendrobates, Riverbear, Siresnsong
Thundering Steppes Scout --Osheanah
FV, SoU PR, FV Zykluk --Gocee
DDR Faydwer --Gaialee
Kerran Krafter,
Panda People Person,
Craftkeeper Completionist,
Quel'ule Quester --Ravenna
Loping Plains Persuer --Jakerider

~The 'HQ' HQ 
Training is a Shield --Osheanah

Alysian Weekly 126

QeynosWarrior, May 16, 12 3:30 AM.
 Guild Update 126   5-7--5-13--2012

30th Level Warlock --Miweazon
40th Level Paladin --Kidore
50th Level Tailor --Uhopp
60th Level Carpenter --Ashakiran
60th Level Warden --Liadara
60th Level Bruiser --Enaka
80th Level Ranger --Minyonreed
90th Level Shadowknight --Gocee
90th Level Jeweler --Liadara
91st Level Jeweler --Amoji
91st Level Paladin --Asok
92nd Level Beastlord --Mous
92nd Level Troubador --Sirensong
92nd Level Woodworker --Jabka
92nd Level Carpenter --Levant

Stormer of Stormhold --Ihopp
Researching Coach L --Artasia, Elkia
DDR Shattered Lands --Dendrobates, Akane
Tairiza Trouncer --Akane, Pebosi
SoU Tomb of Thuuga --Akane, Pebosi
SHFV Tairiza the Widow Mistress --Akane, Pebosi
Norrath's Hope --Pebosi
Leviathan Lacerator,
SH Leviathan --Sirensong, Pebosi, Dendrobates
Traverse the Corrupted Forest --Sirensong, Arigon
Nektulos Forest Mercenary --Ihopp
Master Fairy Slayer --Liadara
Researching Coach X --Norakye, Amoji, Ihopp
Darklight Defender--Liadara 
Living Tomb Entomber --Dumoo, Liadara
Master Undead Hunter --Dumoo
Explainer --Dumoo
Ruglax Rusher --Gocee, Osheanah
Beginner Collector --Minyonreed
Researching Coach XXV --Aalnyar, Kialla
Researching 5 Recipes --Amoji
Researching Coach V --Liadara
You can learn how to take them down --Liadara, Uhopp, Gocee
Iilatus Frostbeard,
SH Frostbeard --Tamathea
Travenro Skygazer,
SH Travenro --Pebosi, Dendrobates
Master of Mara --Ihopp
Commander Mirrakar (solo),
Commander Mirrakr (solo) (SoU) --Arigon
Fight Firelords with Fire --Arigon
SoU Deep Forge --Arigon
Codexicon Crusher --Arigon
SoU Crucible --Arigon
Guardcrusher --Ihopp, Uhopp, Blubba, Dendrobates, Liadara
Arch Necranaut Yolth (solo) --Jabka, Arigon
Victory over Vark,
SoU Obelisk of Ahkzul --Arigon
Mercenary Mouth to Mouth --Uhopp, Enaka
Cryptograpaer --Liadara
Ancient Table Annihilator --Dendrobates, Liadara
Have Shiny, Will Travel --Arigon
Linguist --Ihopp
Jarsath Journeyman --Sirensong
Tigloth the Conqueror (solo) --Arigon
Your Mission is... --Arigon
Translator --Ravenna
Over Achiever --Arigon
Kylong's Katana --Gocee
Researching 10 Recipes --Kialla
SHFV Kluzen the Protector --Dendrobates, Sirensong
SHFV Druushk --Sirensong, Denrobates, Ferrel
Mythical Brandisher --Dendrobates
Master Undead Slayer --Dendrobates
Equestrian --Lovesangel
Discovering the Withered Lands --Arigon
Craft until you drop --Liadara
Majora's Misery,
SoU Chelsith --Gocee
Drusella's Dwonfall,
SoU MC --Gocee

~The 'HQ' HQ 
Dragoon K'Naae of the Thexians --Gocee
By Hook or By... --Liadara

Alysian Weekly 125

QeynosWarrior, May 9, 12 11:24 PM.

  Guild Update 125   4-30--5-6--2012

~Informal Intro
Hey all and welcome back. Looks like the guild was super busy this week, but what else is new? :)

~Recent News
The usual mountain of levels and achievements fill the list this time, along with
a raid or two on some favorite locations including Tomb of Thuuga. Commander Mirrakar is getting no
love from the Alysians this week, but what else can a droag expect from this guild in particular?

10th Level Scholar --Pebsolot
20th Level Jeweler --Pebsolot
20th Level Tailor --Puhabo
30th Level Woodworker --Penthesilea
30th Level Paladin --Ahakiran
30th Level Tailor --Isyllt
50th Level Carpenter --Ashakiran
50th Level Wizard --Osheanah
80th Level Carpenter --Aialla
90th Level Guardian --Arigon
91st Level Monk --Jabka
91st Level Provisioner --Asok
91st Level Carpenter --Levant
92nd Level Weaponsmith --Aalnyar

Master Orc Hunter --Pebsolot
Researching Coach L --Thayne, Aialla, Ayrallia, Cira, Siraya
Reseraching Coach X --Osheanah
Efreeti Enslaver --Uhopp, Ihopp
Stable Hand --Liadara
This Achievement will Self-dstruct in 5 seconds --Pebosi
SoU Queen Vorticia V'uul --Pebosi
Command Mirrakar (solo) --Innuendho
Commander Mirrakar --Mous, Innuendho
Advancing Steadily --Ihopp, Bonepile
History Buff --Ihopp
Master Drolvarg Hunter --Minyonreed
Beginner Collector --Pebosi, Ashakiran
Arch-Necranaut Yolth --Ozmondi, Ferrel, Innuendho, Aialla, Tamathea
Researching Coach V --Agoshi, Ihopp
Researching 10 Recipes --Pebosi
Ally of Thurgadin Crafters --Aalnyar
Basic Understanding --Ihopp
Discovering the Withered Lands --Mous
FV LUdmilla --Blubba, Spictrader, Gocee
FV PR --Blubba, Kirai, Spicetrader
SoU PR --Blubba, SPicetrader
FV Iztapa --Spicetrader, Kirai, Gocee
FV Zykluk --Spicetrader
FV Imzok's Revenge --Spicetrader, Gocee
SH Iztapa --Gocee
FV Wymbulu --Gocee
SH Zykluk --Gocee
SH Ludmilla --Gocee
SHFV Adkar, Doomcoil, Imzok --Gocee
Imzok Immolator --Gocee
SH PR --Gocee
DDR Faydwer --Minyonreed
Master Clockwork Hunter --Ihopp, Uhopp
Klak'Anon King Killer --Akane, Minyonreed
Garanel Garroter --Ravenna, Dendrobates
Norrathian Air --Gocee
Ring War --Gocee
Eplainer, Linguist, Translator --Ashakiran
If you know what makes them tick --Bonepile, Ihopp
Orcish Wastes Oppurtunist --Ihopp
Gatebreacher --Annii, Ashakiran
Majora's Misery, SoU Chelsith --Dendrobates
Kunark Cavern Crawler --Dendrobates
Xalg, FV, Zorg, FV --Arigon
Storytime with Tserrina, FV --Tamathea, Arigon
The Butler Did It --Arigon
FV Butler --Arigon, Pebosi, Tamathea, Dendrobates, Ferrel
Corpesmongering --Arigon
Unmasking the Truth --Arigon
FV Unmasking the Truth --Pebosi, Dendrobates, Ferrel, Arigon
Manifestation of Tserrina's Rage --Pebosi, Tamathea, Dendrobates, Innuendho, Arigon, Ferrel
Mercenary Mouth to Mouth --Tamathea
Seven Years Bad Luck --Pebosi, Tamathea, Arigon
Turning a Frown Upside Down --Arigon
Master Goblin Hunter --Ravenna

~The 'HQ' HQ 
Saving Soles --Ihopp, Uhopp

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"Certainty of death, *small* chance of success... What are we waiting for?"

- Alysian member (Quoting: Lord of the Rings, 2003)
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